DocuDonna is an international film festival dedicated to documentaries directed by women, a new appointment in the programme of Italian and international festivals. A heritage of images, sensibilities and points of view, scattered in a male-dominated cultural industry, compacted in an event, which releases an avant-garde film production, promotes and enhances it. An international film festival that allows many film, art and culture enthusiasts to discover the unpredictable styles of the new “Reality Cinema”.

An event to create new perspectives of productions, collaborations, ideas and experiences.

Massa Marittima, an ancient city lying on the hills of Tuscany

Three days of events, documentaries, experiences and female creativity

2023 Awards

Erika Segni Alice Rotiroti

Best Italian Documentary

Nahid Persson

Best International Documentary

Lizzie Thynne

Best International Documentary

Chiara Avesani & Matteo Delbò

Special Mention

48 Stitches

Screening of Tabea Kerschbaumer’s photo project – introduced by Taisir Masrieh Hasbun

The Exhibition

The collaborative documentary photo project deals with the identity and culture of first and second-generation Palestinian women living in the diaspora. The photographs are accompanied by texts written by the women who were portrayed, in which they write about their history, their experiences and their commitment. The project is a celebration of the culture of Palestinian women and draws attention to the Middle East conflict through the stories of the women.

These photographs will be part of the exhibition curated by Taisir Masrieh Hasbun – Palestinian Thoub: Identity in Embroidery – which will be held in Rome from 6 to 30 November at the Villa Alfieri museum:

In 2021, Palestinian embroidery (tatreez) was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The reason for this choice is not only the beauty of this practice and the women’s ceremonial clothes (Thoub) masterfully embroidered and sewn, but above all the fact that the art of Palestinian embroidery holds personal and historical stories, becoming a form of resilience, cultural resistance and confirmation of one’s identity.

The Author

Tabea was born in 1995 in Vienna, Austria. In 2018 she went to Palestine where she made her first photo reportage about the occupied territories. After this trip, she decided to deal more intensively with photography: Since 2019 she has been studying visual journalism and documentary photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany. Her work focuses on collaborative approaches: In addition to personal work, she deals a lot with the topic of “being a woman” in its various facets.

Focus On Iran

Sunday, 29th October

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