2020 edition

24 October 2020 | Massa Marittima
27 November 2020 | Florence

The second edition of DocuDonna has been a 2 days festival: 24 october in Massa Marittima and 27 november Florence (Tuscany, Italy) 2020.

Here below we list all the documentaries presented in the 2020 edition along with the Award Winners.

During the event in Massa Marittima (October 24th) has been held also the exposure of the exhibition “Face to Face” by Rikke Munkholm Laursen and the screening of the video about the artist “Artista della Terra”.

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Made by: Cristina Berlini
Original Music by: Guglielmo Eboli







Beatrice Baldacci

Camilla Kater

PAANI. Of Women and Water
Costanza Burstin

Hester Overmars

Veronica Santi

Elena Molina

Francesca Tosarelli e Fabio Bucciarelli



Valentina Signorelli (PhD Film) is an Italian transmedia writer, director and producer based in London, UK.

Her first work, feature length award-winning “Anséra – Trace The Future” (2016) co-directed with Lorenzo Giovenga is a road trip around the small town of Bergamo and follows the 87-year old protagonist Tullia Andreini back to the key places of her life in order to trace a century of social and economic changes for Italian women.

Her second documentary, award-winning “Where is Europe?” (2018).Her works have been screened internationally, including the prestigious Venice Biennale. She is one of the co-founders and Senior Producers of Daitona which has recently been awarded as the most innovative production company in Italy. She is also Senior Lecturer and Course Leader BA Media and Communications at the University of East London.


Stefano Odoardi is a screenwriter, director and visual artist. He began his career in the world of visual art and then devoted himself mainly to cinema in 1999. He obtained a master’s degree in Theatre and Performing Arts in Amsterdam (DASARTS), where he is surrounded by masters such as Peter Greenaway, Marina Abramovich, Bill Viola, Peter Sellars and Jan Fabre. He perfected his film studies at the Binger Film Lab, where he learned from American film tutors such as Mark Trevis and Molly Marlene Stensgaard, Judith Weston. Stefano has shot several short and feature films, the latest project is from 2020, “LA NUIT”.  His first feature film is “UNA BALLATA BIANCA”, from 2007, presented in many national and international festivals. In 2014 is the feature film MANCANZA-INFERNO, the first chapter of the Trilogy “MANCANZA”, followed by MANCANZA-PURGATORIO (2016) . The last part of the Trilogy MANCANZA-PARADISO is actually in production. The productions of the feature films “DARK MATTER” and “STORY OF A REEMPTION” are also underway. Stefano Odoardi is also a visual artist, an activity that he continues to practice in parallel with his cinematographic activity.


Stefania Maria Miscetti, architect and gallery owner, founded the eponymous Studio Stefania Miscetti in 1989, which, thanks to continuous promotion of contemporary art, has managed to establish itself as one of the main cultural institutions rooted in the Roman territory. She has invited to exhibit in Rome great protagonists of the international scene – including Marina Abramović, Bizhan Bassiri, Doris Bloom, Alberto Di Fabio, VALIE EXPORT, Leon Golub, Alfredo Jaar,….In 2006 she created SHE DEVIL, a video art exhibition for women now in its twelfth edition.

She has curated the installation of Venice, Venice, Chilean pavilion conceived by Alfredo Jaar for the 55th Art Biennale.

Since 2012 she is professor of “Exhibition Design” at the Master of Art of the LUISS Guido Carli University, appointed by the scientific director Achille Bonito Oliva.


Ibtisam Mara’ana was born in 1975 in Fureidis, an Arab-Muslim working class village in northern Israel. She attended film school at Givat Haviva. In 2000, she initiated a film and television program at her former high school in Fureidis. In 2003, Mara’ana founded Ibtisam Films to produce documentaries that investigate the borders and boundaries of Palestinian and Israeli society with a focus on women and minorities. Her work explores gender, class, racism, and collective and individual identity. Her films show the plight of Arab-Palestinians living as a minority within Israel, while at the same time, critique deep-rooted practices within Arab-Palestinian society. Her work has been screened on television and at festivals worldwide. Mara’ana teaches at various educational institutions, including the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. She regularly speaks at universities, organizations, and conferences throughout Israel and abroad. She is a prominent feminist activist, and has published numerous articles in Israeli newspapers. In 2009, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz named Mara’ana as one of the 10 most influential women in Israel.

Art Exhibition: FACE TO FACE

by Rikke Laursen

October 24th, 2020 | Massa Marittima, Cinema Goldoni | 11 am – 10 pm

Rikke Munkholm Laursen grew up in Denmark and has been living for more than twenty years in Tuscany. Coming from an artistic background in drawing and painting, she became inspired by the earth and clay, so abundant in the powerful Tuscan landscape. With these natural materials she combines the beauty and the essence of both Scandinavian and Italian cultures: the simplicity of the North, which is reflected in the forms she creates, is complemented by warm richness of Italian materials. Chiaroscuro, or the effect of light on an object, plays an important role. Her two areas of interest, Terra Cotta – kiln fired clay and Terra Cruda – raw earth, are both inspired by Italy´s rich cultural and figurative artistic history.

The Terra Cotta objects are created to be graceful, poetic contributions to the environments in which they are placed. A passion for working with Terra Cruda arose from discovering the many possibilities that working with this ancient building material offers.

Rikke profoundly believes in the power of positive energy and good intensions in each of us. Her ‘Terra Cruda’ faces have a certain abstraction, which allows everyone to recognise themselves in them and, more importantly, to feel inter-connected with the natural eco-system of which we are all part. The notion of time and the need to find peace in our hearts are both expressed in her work. By combining ‘here and there’ and ‘now and later’, she strives to resolve these tensions harmoniously in a single object.

She is currently experimenting with Sabbia – sand, as the third material in her work. The projects are getting bigger and more site-specific. They become an integral part of an ever-changing landscape for a restricted time. This transitory quality adds a new, extra poetic layer – the temporary objects seem to appear and then disappear almost before you can experience them consciously.


(10 min/ The Netherlands-Italy/ 2020)

Rikke Munkholm Laursen, Bruno Doedens and Andras Hamelberg


BOOK: Nuove Contadine

by Valentina Iacoponi

Early 1950s, while in Italy the season of urban development and economic boom begins, the women of the countryside choose to not just stand by and watch. Stories of struggles, rights and democracy.

Valentina Iacoponi is a PhD in Contemporary History. She dealt with the history of the agricultural landscape and migratory movements. In addition to her research activity, she works as a teacher, editor and translator. At the moment she is involved in documenting the historical persistence of Lazio’s agricultural biodiversity.