23 - 24 July - Leeuwarden

Docudonna Meets Bosk

Docudonna Meets Bosk 2022

BOSK is a project of ARCADIA (collective of Dutch and international artists) based in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. An impressive project, which explored the relationship between man and nature: for 100 days (from 7 May to 14 August) 1000 trees “walk” through the city of Leeuwarden creating a unique landscape. The forest in the city!

Theatrical and video installations, performances, events of all kinds and a wide program of films proposed by Cinema Slieker Film on the theme of the environment and sustainability.

DocuDonna will present a program of international documentaries directed by women on 23-24 July 2022: DocuDonna Meets Bosk.

Bosk is an autonomous work of art commissioned by Joop Mulder (Sense of Place) and created by Bruno Doedens (SLeM) in close collaboration with Arcadia.

The six documentaries featured in DocuDonna meets Bosk show how female ecological activism contributes to the protection of the environment and biodiversity. The films will be screened in the Green Room (Groene Zaal) of Leeuwarden’s Cinema Slieker film. An opportunity to appreciate the creativity of women, the so-called “feminine gaze” and the extraordinary power of women in the defense of Mother Earth.

In the afternoon of July 24th a round table entitled “Eco-feminism, another direction” will be held with the director, landscape architect and writer Anna Kauber and Joke Schaapman, of Amnesty International Leeuwarden, moderated by Silvia Lelli

July 23

GREEN ZAAL, Slieker Film, Leeuwarden

Slot 1 – 5 pm

by Elena Molina (Spain)

by Silvia Girardi and Gabriele Donati (Italy)

Slot 2 – 7 pm

by Eliza Levy (France)

July 24

GREEN ZAAL, Slieker Film, Leeuwarden

Slot 1  (3 pm-6pm)

by Alice Rorhwacher and JR (Italy)

by Anna Kauber (Italy)

Slot 2  (7 pm)

by Flore Vasseur (France)

Your Forms Performance by Maartje Terpstra (Netherlands), 7.00 min 2022

How do you stay? How do you stay together? In between the films and the panel discussion, Bosklab-maker Maartje Terpstra is our guest with her latest work Je vormen. This poetic performance on big themes takes you inside, where the inner movements of eco-activism take place. In a Tai Chi-inspired standstill you walk past the anger, uncertainty, love, questions and discoveries of an activist artist.

PANEL : “Ecofemism, another direction” with director, landscape architect and writer Anna Kauber and Joke Schaapman,  Amnesty international Leeuwarden. Before the discussion, Anna Kauber will help us better understand women’s ecological activism. Joke Schaapman will talk about the role women in local eco-activism and the growing threat of ecofeminists and activists from all over the world, who fight for the protection of natural resources and biodiversity. Moderators: Silvia Lelli, PhD- Adjunct Professor, Anthropology of Nature, at the University of Florence, Italy and Cristina Berlini, director and artistic director of DocuDonna film festival, Italy.