Docudonna On Tour

Docudonna Meets Bosk 2022

BOSK is a project of ARCADIA (collective of Dutch and international artists) based in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. An impressive project, which explored the relationship between man and nature: for 100 days (from 7 May to 14 August) 1000 trees “walk” through the city of Leeuwarden creating a unique landscape. The forest in the city!

Theatrical and video installations, performances, events of all kinds and a wide program of films proposed by Cinema Slieker Film on the theme of the environment and sustainability.

DocuDonna will present a program of international documentaries directed by women on 23-24 July 2022: DocuDonna Meets Bosk.

Bosk is an autonomous work of art commissioned by Joop Mulder (Sense of Place) and created by Bruno Doedens (SLeM) in close collaboration with Arcadia.