DocuDonna Meets Clorofilla

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Docudonna Meets Clorofilla
Film Festival 2023

Documentaries were the driving force behind a collaboration between two Maremma film festivals, Clorofilla and DocuDonna. With its twenty-second edition, the Clorofilla Film Festival is a point of reference for all fans of the genre and environmentalists alike.
A program called “DocuDonna meets Clorofilla” will take place on the evening of August 3, with documentary films The Seeds of Vandana Shiva by Camilla Becket and James Becket and Plastica Connection by Teresa Paoli screened.

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva tells the remarkable story of Gandhian eco-activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, who stood up to the corporate Goliaths of industrial agriculture, rose to prominence in the seed-saving, organic food and it is inspiring an international crusade for change.

Plastica Connection reconnects the missing links of a fallacious supply chain, of which traces seem to disappear immediately after the good habits of separate waste collection of European citizens. But what happens to the plastic that we are all convinced is recycled? From the counters of large retailers to our tables, from plastic collection centers to landfills in Turkey.