Emanuela Moroni and Manuela Cannone | 2018
TITOLO Amaranto
ANNO 2018
REGISTA Emanuela Moroni and Manuela Cannone
DURATA 1h 23′ 00″
SUONO Gioacchino Balistreri
MONTAGGIO Annalisa Forgione
SCENEGGIATURA Tiziano Bernardini and Claudio Valerio
PRODUZIONE Raya Visual Art

Serge Latouche, Helena Norbert-Hodge, Franco Arminio, John D. Liu, Starhawk, Pandora Thomas and Alberto Ruz Buenfil, representatives of world movements in defense of planet Earth, highlight the emergencies that contemporary society is facing.

They are attentive observers and promoters of a collective imagination that revolves around the concept of the common good; according to them, alongside the difficulties, the possibility emerges to positively affect the fate of our species and the planet.

Amaranth is a story in five stages of the life of a human being.
The protagonists are Verena Schmid, midwife and promoter of natural childbirth, Franco Lorenzoni, elementary school teacher, Etain Addey, smallholder, writer and exponent of bioregionalism, Alida Nepa, member of co-housing project San Giorgio Di Ferrara and Saviana Parodi, biologist and permaculturist.

Their stories offer the opportunity to reflect on choices of life far from conventional ones and closer to the real needs of human beings and the planet.


Emanuela Moroni and Manuela Cannone

Emanuela Moroni

Among the authors of the documentary 65 times Anac. She collaborated on the screenplay of Guido Lombardi’s Là-bas and Take Five. She worked as an editing assistant, screenwriter and filmmaker.