Life is but a dream

Margherita Pescetti | 2017
TITOLO Life is but a dream
ANNO 2017
REGISTA Margherita Pescetti
DURATA 15′ 00″
MUSICA Tommaso Barbaro
MONTAGGIO Arianna Cocchi
PRODUZIONE Margherita Pescetti and Pietro Masturzo

To escape from the dictates of contemporary capitalist society, an ultra-Orthodox American Jew moves with his family to a small illegal Israeli outpost in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, joining – for advantage and convenience – a “human avant-garde” that is an essential tool for the development and operation of the colonial mechanism.

In this context of expropriation, Gedalia feels free to build his home and to try to fulfil his dream: a simple life, in harmony with God, outside the laws and duties of society.
Life is but a dream is the story of the daily life of a settler’s family, between contradictions, radical choices, difficulties, needs, and possible fears.


Margherita Pescetti

Margherita Pescetti was born in Milan in 1981. She graduated in social anthropology at the University of Siena, then followed a master’s degree in film writing with the association “Tracce di Cinema” and since 2008 she has been working on documentaries. She followed several courses and directing workshops with Bruno Oliviero, Alessandro Rossetto, Silvio Soldini and Alina Marazzi.

She directed several short films and two medium length: “Russulella” in competition at Milano Mix Festival, Sicily Queer Film Festival and Divergenti Film Festival, and “Passo a Due”, winner of the Best Documentary at Molise Cinema Festival and in competition at Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino in Rio de Janeiro. With “Life is But a Dream” she won the audience award at Festival dei Popoli 2018.