TITLE Ailleurs, Partout
YEAR 2020
DIRECTOR Isabelle Ingold & Vivianne Perelmuter
LENGHT 63′ 00″
SOUND Isabelle Ingold & Vivianne Perelmuter
EDITING Isabelle Ingold & Vivianne Perelmuter
CINEMATOGRAPHY Isabelle Ingold & Vivianne Perelmuter
PRODUCTION Dérives – Julie Frères

A room, somewhere in England. A computer screen, images from all over the world. One click is all it takes to cross borders, whereas the tale of another journey unfolds in bits and pieces, through text messages, chats, phone conversations, and an interview at the British immigration office.


Isabelle Ingold & Vivianne Perelmuter

Isabelle Ingold is a freelance editor and director. She graduated from La Femis in the editing department. Since then, she has worked with directors as different as Amos Gitai, Vincent Dieutre, Vivianne Perelmuter, Toshi Fujiwara, Barmak Akram, Bojena Horackova, Itvan Kebadian, Renaud Cohen, Hervé Cohen, Jean-Charles Massera, Laurent Ait- Benalla…

The features and docs she edited were selected in festivals such as: Venise, Cannes, Toronto, Berlinale, Sundance, Locarno, Lussas, Cinéma du Réel, Nyon, Brive. Since 2009, she teaches edting at the University of Corsica ( France).

Vivianne Perelmuter was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) but has lived in France since the age of eight. After studying philosophy, Vivianne entered the French film school (La Fémis-IDHEC). She has made several short films and documentaries, which have been selected and awarded in many festivals. Her first feature, “Uncertain Time” (“Le Vertige des Possible”s), was released in Paris (March 2014) received high critical acclaim by Le Monde, Libération, Critikat, AVoirALire, Le Point, etc. The movie played in Paris for five months and was broadcasted several times on Ciné+ channel in 2015. It was on the Magritte nomination list for the First Feature Award in Belgium. Since 2010, Vivianne teaches at the University of Corsica.