YEAR 2019
DIRECTOR Irene Von Dorigotti
LENGHT 10′ 18″
EDITING Irene Von Dorigotti
CINEMATOGRAPHY Irene Von Dorigotti
PRODUCTION Irene Von Dorigotti

An apnea outside the world and in the world, between violence and fatuity and the search for a breath. The story is very easy, there is a swimming pool and then there are us who look at the water helplessly with that strong desire to make a decision to notice or to float?

The war is in us, we are the war if we don’t choose until our last breath. This short film is taken from a story of mine that has taken on different forms, there is a piece of my life, there are my fears, there is my nephew who is often older than me and then there are the echoing bombs. There is a love story that ended before it even began.

Apnea is the search for a breath.


Irene Von Dorigotti

Irene Dorigotti was born in 1988. She is a visual anthropologist with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology from the University of Bologna and a masters degree from the Culture Department of Politics and Society from the University of Turin In 2013 she was assistant director for the documentary “une maison à Rufisque” in Senegal, on the construction of a hospital for diabetics.Between 2013 and 2014 he writes, runs and directs “the Urban Demiurge”, which participates in the Piedmont Glocal movie.During the workshop “telling the adventure 2014” she developed “The colors of Kigali” with which she participated in the Cinema Ambiente of Turin and the Italian Doc Screening. In 2016 she arrives in the final at the Solinas prize.In 2014 she developed and created “Zingari Dentro”, a documentary about the Gipsy community between Trentino Alto-Adige and Kossovo. She collaborates with the theater company C.O.H for which he writes and directs the theatrical show “Primavera sacra”.In 2015 She began the development of “Across” with which she won the Solinas prize for best documentary in 2017.