TITLE Becoming Me
YEAR 2019
DIRECTOR Martine De Biasi
LENGHT 68′ 00″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Marco Ober e Federico Campana
EDITING Cornelia Schöpf
PRODUCTION Martin Rattini / Helios Sustainable Films


Becoming me by Martine De Biasi is very touching and subtle documentary that, like few others, completely shows the 10 years evolutionary arc of the main character: Marion becoming the male Marian through a journey made by lights and shadows, doubts and hopes. It is a long and complex path that leads the viewer to fully and naturally empathize with the protagonist and to follow Marion in all the stages of her inner and physical transformations. Her gender transition will involve the whole family and also the social environment: a small conventional village in South Tirol, where Marion works as a teacher. A strong story told with lightness that makes the heaviness of the issue and the struggle of the protagonist remarkably bearable.

Marion, born a woman, becomes Marian, a man. The documentary Becoming Me accompanies its protagonist with depth and attention for ten years, from his first doubts to daily life after his decision. Through Marian’s journey, the director questions the concept of normality in South Tyrolean society. Will Marian be accepted as a man in his country or will he lose everything by deciding to be himself?


Martine De Biasi

Martine De Biasi is a director and educator. She studied editing at the Zelig documentary film school and worked as an editor until she with her Becoming Me dared to take the step towards directing. Martine is a queer feminist. The relationship between the individual and society is the most important theme of her work, which in this film is elaborated through a poetic look at the concepts of normality, masculinity and belonging.