TITLE In Light
YEAR 2022
DIRECTOR Alice Fassi
LENGHT 07′ 32″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Alberto Ricchi
EDITING Margherita Freyrie

“In Light” lives in a liminal space between documentary and visual story. Alternating archival film material with new footage, the short film offers a unique insight into the peaceful and sublime ways of the Universal White Brotherhood. Born in Bulgaria at the beginning of the 20th century, the movement professes the High Ideal handed down by its founder and spiritual guide, Master Beinsa Duno: “A heart as pure as a crystal, a mind as radiant as the sun, a soul as vast as the universe, a spirit as powerful as God and one with God ”.


Alice Fassi

Alice Fassi is a director based in Milan. She has won awards in several international film festivals such as A Shaded View on Fashion Film, Ciclope and Epica Awards. Her works are narratives and visual aesthetics based on surreal atmospheres and deconstruction of classic cinema codes. She likes to combine different genres and add a comic touch to her stories. Her deep curiosity for her life is reflected in a special interest in everyday nonsense.