TITLE Jouir (en solitaire) – Sex Relish (a solo orgasm)
YEAR 2021
DIRECTOR Ananda Safo
LENGHT 11′ 50″
FORMAT Digital

In this endless pandemic area, where our sexuality has sometimes had to evolve, has been tested, women from different backgrounds offer their intimate testimonies, addressing their desires and pleasures in solitude.


For the elegance of the animations and the accessibility of the narration which make it a product usable by a vast audience. For the originality of the language with which he managed to tell a subject that is still taboo. The special mention goes to JOUIR (en solitaire).


Ananda Safo

Ananda is a graduate of the ensab (ecole nationale supérieure des arts de bourges), so filmmaking is both a logical outcome and continuation of her relationship with the image.

She has been writing and directing since childhood. Her years of amateur theatre, circus and dance practice have made her more fully conscious of the rhythm of dialogues, of her ability to guide actors as well as developing corporal expression.

Following several fiction and documentary projects in short format, she is working on various scripts, from a creative documentary to a virtual reality animation project, the latter being also her first fiction feature film. She regularly explores musicvideos, with a preference for telling a story. Ananda often chooses to represent a sublimated, refined vision of reality. Its themes are recurrent: the origins of creation, the loneliness of its characters, their disillusionment, their flaws, their doubts, the explosion of their burdens, their hopes