la città e il cielo

Guendalina Salini | 2018
TITLE La città e il cielo
YEAR 2018
DIRECTOR Guendalina Salini
LENGHT 15′ 00″
FORMAT Digital
EDITING Alice Roffinengo
PRODUCTION La Frangia with the support of Tangram film

The video, shot in Calabria between the Piana di Gioia Tauro and the Aspromonte, tells of the encounter between a group of men and women of different ages and geographical origins and their search to “make a home”. They are the displaced, to compose a temporary but possible community.

In the background, the dramatic reality of the slum of San Ferdinando (RC) where the seasonal laborers live and where, during the filming of this film, he was killed Sekine Traorè, a laborer from Mali mortally wounded by a carabiniere’s weapon inside a shack.


Guendalina Salini

Artist of Rome with several national and international exhibitions. After studying in London where he received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at Middlesex University, he began exhibiting with art galleries and non-profit spaces.

Returned to Italy he collaborates with several curators exposing in private galleries (ST, Ex Elettrofonica, Il Segno) foundations (Fendi Foundation, Baruchello Foundation, Auditorium-Music Foundation for Rome) Film Festival (Locarno, Rome) Museums (Macro, MAXXI, Institute Italian Geography), theaters and art fairs (Milan, Turin, Paris, London, Istanbul, Buenos Aires), collaborates with the project of the House of the Landscape and Festival of Aliano conceived by the writer and poet Franco Arminio.