TITLE Laatash
YEAR 2018
DIRECTOR Elena Molina
LENGHT 14’12”
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Lafdal Med Salem | Maitane Carballo
EDITING Elena Molina | Begoña Ruiz
PRODUCTION Asociación de Amigos y Amigas de la RASD de ÁlavaEscuela de Cine del Sahara Occidental EFA Abidin Kaid Saleh

The Saharawi women face the thirst of the hamada, the curse of the desert, every day. They’ve built their refuge in a land where no one could survive before. For more than forty years they’ve been holding out and taking care of their people there. They ensure every drop of water is distributed according to the needs of each family … and they wait. But there’s an even more terrible thirst in their throats, for which they find no relief.


Elena Molina

Born in Madrid in 1986, she studied Audiovisual Communication by the Complutense U. of Madrid and she specialized in Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She has carried out projects in Burkina Faso, South Korea, Kuwait, Cabo Verde, Algeria or Haiti, where she directed three short documentaries  ‘The Puppets Cemetery’, ‘Quand j’étais petit’ and Laatash and her first feature documentary ‘Rêve de Mousse’. Her work has been selected in international festivals an programmed at museums as Hammer Museum in LA.

Nowadays she’s developing her second feature documentary.