TITLE PAANI. Of women and water
COUNTRY United Kingdom
YEAR 2018
DIRECTOR Costanza Burstin
LENGHT 22′ 27″
FORMAT Digital
PRODUCTION Costanza Burstin

Women against water shortage. An observational documentary that explores the peculiar and constant relationship between women and water in a small Muslim village in the Rajasthani desert (India). In such a context, albeit water scarcity represents a real and severe problem in terms of daily maintenance, health and sanitation, local women tackle this daily struggle with tenacity, determination, elegance and sometimes humor.
The film, indeed, highlights the way in which women’s agency emerges through the collection and management of water: fundamental responsibilities for the survival of their family and the whole community.


Camilla Burstin

Costanza Burstin is a visual anthropologist and documentary filmmaker based in London. She trained in Anthropology of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London; after her studies, she worked on gender and environmental impact issues in India. She recently acquired specialist training in visual research and filmmaking at the Centre for Visual Anthropology, Goldsmiths University of London, where she produced ‘PAANI. Of women and water’. She has ever since been recognised for her creativity, critical independent thinking and technical expertise conducting visual ethnographic research on environmental and gender issues in international settings.