TITLE Plastic Connection
YEAR 2023
DIRECTOR Teresa Paoli
AUTHORS Teresa Paoli e Paola Vecchia
FILMMAKER Fabio Colazzo
SOUND Rossano Baldini e Gian Luca Nigro
EDITING Daniela Mancinelli

“There is only one ecosystem. So if you contaminate one part of the world, it will definitely affect us. If we send our waste to another country, we think we’re only contaminating a distant farmland, but the agricultural product will be exported, it will be eaten, and the plastic will go back into our bloodstream. It’s kind of a trap. And it’s an endless circle.”

An incredible trip to Turkey reveals how the Western world, the whole European Union, not excluding Italy, is flooding the most fragile parts of the earth with plastic waste, oblivious to devastating environmental pollution that we will all pay for. And how this devastation stems from the overproduction of disposable plastic on the planet, set to triple in the coming decades, and the inability to recycle it all.


Plastica Connection is taken from a report broadcast in the episode MAL DI PLASTICA, of Presa Diretta RAI3. An episode in which the urgency of putting a stop to the production of plastic pollution is told. Plastic Connection in particular tells how all of us, Europe first and foremost, are responsible for what we produce in this ecosystem, in this case plastic waste which is released into the environment in abundance and which we do not know how to get rid of. And instead we contaminate the territories of other countries, closing our eyes to the consequences of our actions. After China said no to plastic imports from the West, Turkey has become the largest importer of our plastic for recycling. But much of this plastic that enters the market is made up of single-use packaging from our food system and is not recyclable, is sent to unsuitable facilities and ends up being burned and contaminating the air, water and soil. Part of this plastic is processed by minors, asylum seekers, or workers without the necessary guarantees. But the damage caused by this system and by our irresponsibility will then come back to us because the world is one, and there is no possible border to isolate what is dispersed in the environment. There is no escape and the only solution is to get together, with a global effort to reduce plastic production and control the destination of waste.


Teresa Paoli

Teresa is a director and journalist. His first documentary on the G8 in Genoa, Genova Senza Risposte, is distributed to the cinema by G. Arcopinto. In 2011 you won the Ilaria Alpi DOC Award, with Di Tessuti e di altre storie. She wins the Fulbright-S scholarship. Corbucci, with whom you study directing in Los Angeles and shoot 100PerCent, in competition at the Turin Film Festival. You sign the documentary Chinese or Italian for the Franco-German TV Artè. She is the artistic director of the Firenze FilmCorti Festival 2020/2021. Since 2017 she has been sent to Presa Diretta RAI3, an in-depth program conducted by Riccardo Iacona on RAI3.