TITLE Red Lipstick
YEAR 2018
DIRECTOR Shiva Sanjari
LENGHT 42′ 00″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Hassan Shabankareh
EDITING Mohadesseh Golchin Arefi
PRODUCTION Christine Camdessus, Serge Gordey, Hamid Jafari

A co-production: ALEGRIA PRODUTIONS & ARTE France Unite Societe et culture Fabrice Puchault

Red Lipstick is about Masoumeh  , a 36 years  old hairdresser who never got married. She owns a beauty salon in “Shoosh”, a poor Neighborhood of Tehran. Narges works alongside Masoumeh as a fortuneteller in the salon.

This place is a hangout for the women in the neighborhood. They got cosmetic treatments and also talk about their daily life.

The film portrays women’s life and their daily struggles in Iran’s complicated society.


Shiva Sanjari

Shiva Sanjari was born in 1980 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. She finished her studies in Graphic Design and Visual Arts in Tehran Azad University. Shiva has exhibited her works at different art galleries around the world. She also has participated at different art related residency programs.

She started her career as a visual artist with over two of dozen exhibitions to her credit .In 2010,when she was a photographer
on a documentary film in the slum of India she got tuberculosis and almost lost her life . The two years struggling with her sickness changed her life and art forever .She became interested in everyday people’s lives and their struggles