TITLE Overgave (Surrender)
COUNTRY The Netherlands
YEAR 2022
DIRECTOR Marijn Frank
LENGHT 55′ 00″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Taco Drijfhout, Tim Van Peppen, Jillis Schriel
EDITING Maria Chiara Piccolo, Teresa Sala
PRODUCTION Suzanne Raes & Ilja Roomans

After the death of her best friend, director Marijn Frank goes running in the clothes inherited from her friend. She trains for a marathon and at the same time tries to accept the biggest loss of her life. How do you at least regain the illusion of a grip on life? While running she looks back on their friendship and tries to process her grief.


Marijn Frank

Marijn Frank (1982) is a documentary filmmaker and one of the reporters on the Dutch TV show ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’.  In 2007 she made the documentary “Daddy has gone and left me puzzled” as a graduation film for the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. In this disarming ego-documentary Marijn searches for the identity of her silent father. During the Netherlands Film Festival 2007 the film won the Tuschinski Film Award. In 2012 her youth documentary ‘Bente’s Voice’ screened at many international film festivals. In 2015 she directed ‘Need for Meat’, in which she wonders why we are massively addicted to meat. Like many others, Marijn is torn between her lust for meat and the desire to be a better and wiser person. The film premiered at IDFA 2015 and had a successful international festival run.  In 2017 her short documentary “Butcher’s Heart” was released, in which she follows the 13-year-old butcher’s son Wessel. The film was screened and awarded at many international film festivals.