TITLE Un Chanteur Invisible
COUNTRY The Netherlands
YEAR 2019
DIRECTOR Hannah van Tassel
LENGHT 27′ 00″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Mithras Cabolet
EDITING Eva Plompen
CINEMATOGRAPHY Hannah van Tassel
PRODUCTION Hester Breunissen- Yasmin van Dorp

About 130 days a year, the unpredictable and cold mistral races through the Provence. He disrupts, challenges, torments, inspires. In search of the mark that this notorious wind leaves in the landscape and in the lives of a number of local residents, the tangible gradually merges with the intangible.


Hannah van Tassel

Before being accepted at the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA), Hannah studied theatre-, film and television studies at Utrecht University. During her studies she worked regularly on music videos and theatre projects.

It was her love for cinema on the one hand, and her passion for discovering new world, the eventually led her to documentary.

Hannah is fascinated by the stories that people tell each other, stories of their lives, their ancestors, of the world. The stories that give our lives their meaning. This often leads her to invisible and intangible subject.