where is europe

Valentina Signorelli | 2018
TITLE Where is Europe
YEAR 2018
DIRECTOR Valentina Signorelli
LENGHT 15′ 00″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Halfchicken – Cranberry Sound
EDITING Lorenzo Giovenca

“Where is Europe?” is a 15-min docu-film exploring the role of NGOs in the Mediterranean Sea through the eyes of their crew members. The project is filmed on board the rescue ship “Aquarius”, coordinated by the Italian-French-German NGO “SOS MEDITERRANEE” while the ship is temporarily docked at the Italian port of Catania to restock and crew-change. The film focuses on three core aspect:

(1) The impact of the ‘waiting’ by following those everyday activities that surround the preparation of each mission and which are generally underrepresented and undocumented by mass media.

2) The necessity of redesigning the European political narrative of boat migration by shifting the focus from the body of the migrant to the voices of NGO’s crew members.

3) The significance of the European identity in these times of unstable international politics.


Valentina Signorelli

I was born in Bergamo (27/06/ 1989). In 2008 I moved to Rome, where I completed – cum laude – both my BA in Literature, Music and Performing Arts and my MA in Film Studies at Sapienza – University of Rome. In 2012 I won the Silver Prize in the category Reality TV Concept at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest (Los Angeles, California) along with Marco Borromei. In 2013 I moved to London, to complete my Ph.D. in Film Studies at University of Westminster. My research explores practices of adaptation of Dante’s Infernal imegery through the cinematic screen in the digital era (2005-2015). I had the chance to present my work in italy, the UK and the Unites States.

On february 29th, 2016 along with Lorenzo Giovenga, Jacopo Sartori, Lorenzo Lazzarini and Chiara Serangeli I contributed to establishing Daitona, specialising in cinema, web and video production. For Daitona, I am in charge as the Head of Screenwriting. We are based in Rome and Milan and actively work also in the rest of Italy and in Londo