TITLE YALDA: De Langste Nacht (Yalda: de Longest Night)
COUNTRY Netherlands
YEAR 2021
DIRECTOR Faydim Ramshe
LENGHT 25′ 08″
FORMAT Digital
SOUND Coen Bruins
EDITING Lot Hoogeboom
PRODUCTION Rosalien Hollestelle, Ivo Siebum

In 2008 Faydim emigrated from Iran to the Netherlands. Now 13 years later, she struggles with homesickness and longing for her homeland. Meanwhile, her younger brother Parham reaches out for her help to immigrate to the Netherlands. This leads Faydim to reconsider her own choices.


Faydim Ramshe

Faydim Ramshe was born in 1989 in Teheran, Iran. She came to The Netherlands at the age of eighteen where she discovered the power of film and storytelling. At first she had to become acquainted with the Dutch language and culture, her previous study International Business in Rotterdam made a major contribution to this. Now that she has finished her second study at the The Netherlands Filmacademy,  she wants to make movies which are socially committed.